Posted by: nept | January 26, 2010

Clean Field Campaign: 5th Round Inspections

In an effort to ensure that our environment remains sustainable, NEPT launched a Clean Field Campaign with farmers in the EPA who exemplify environmentally safe farming practices. The Campaign began in September 2009, and the farmers are being judged over a 6 month time period, with the final judging in February of this year. This week representatives from NEPT will be conducting their 5th visit to the farmers participating in the Clean Field Campaign.  The farmers are being scored over a broad range of categories including land preparation, fertilizer and pesticide use, waste management and more.  NEPT has partnered with several other governmental and non-governmental organizations to ensure that the farmers involved are being held to a respectable and reasonable standard.

We have 14 farmers participating from Hanover and Westmoreland, and have also organized educational workshops for the communities and students regarding the environmental impacts of farming in the morass. Winning farmers will receive a farming tools as well as placement on a “Preferred Farmer’s List” to be distributed to Negril-area hotels.

For more on our Clean Field Campaign, please see the attached brochure:

CFC brochure


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