Posted by: nept | January 27, 2010

World Wetlands Day Update

Whistlling Ducks Love World Wetlands Day

As mentioned in a previous post, NEPT will be hosting a World Wetlands Day event for local school children at the Royal Palm Reserve on Tuesday February 2nd.  The event will be focused on teaching children the importance conserving and respecting the environment:  specifically wetlands.  Biodiversity will also be highlighted at this years festivities because 2010 is the UN’s International Year of Biodiversity (  Biodiversity will also be highlighted with the opening of the new dipping pond; the pond will help children understand the multitude of life that can exist even in a small sample of water.

So far NEPT has confirmations from 8 different schools in the Negril area:

  • Manning’s High
  • Ruseas High
  • Cave Valley All Age
  • Negril All Age
  • Revival All Age
  • Broughton Primary
  • Esher Primary
  • Kendel Primary

NEPT is expecting nearly 200 students to attend the event.  The US Peace Corps, NEET, NEPA, and the Negril Recycling Center will also be making presentations and conducting activities at the reserve.  The activities for the day include: poster competitions, drama presentations, quiz/gameshow, and a scavenger hunt.  If you or your organization is interested in assisting with World Wetlands Day please contact the NEPT office at 876-957-3736.


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