Posted by: nept | March 2, 2010

Negril Great Morass Fires a HUGE Problem

The annual fires in the Negril Great Morass have become more frequent and intense in recent years.  This poses a problem for all of us who live, work or conduct business in Negril, especially since the environment is the driving force behind commerce in Negril.

Studies in the past has revealed that the Morass is slowly drying out because of the deepening and straightening of the North and South Negril canals, now the North and South Negril Rivers. In addition to drying out, the Morass has lost some of its functions as a wetland which include flood mitigation, filtering nutrients and chemicals that pose a threat our coral reefs, carbon sequestration among others.  Dr. Maltby, Wetland Consultant for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, predicted that if steps are not taken to restore the Morass to a fully functioning wetland the Negril area will become uninhabitable in a short time as the fires will burn continuously.

NEPT, The Negril area Environmental Protection Trust, has been working on a project to restore the Morass to a fully functional wetland.  Through consultations with various experts and interest groups in addition to research we have come to realize that a two prong approach is needed to solve this problem: short term solution- put the fires out a soon as they start; long term solution  – ‘re-wet’ the Morass using treated effluent from the NWC treatment plant.

We are at the point now where we need to share the recommended solutions with the stakeholders in Negril so that we can move forward quickly with the implementation as the dry season is once again upon us.  This problem is one that affects everyone in Negril and working together is essential to solving a problem of this magnitude. Your financial support is essential to the survival of this initiative and the Negril Great Morass  or you can help us by volunteering when it is needed.  If you are interested please us at +876-957-3736 or  email us at


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