Posted by: nept | March 8, 2010

Negril Great Morass Fire (March 8, 2010)

Smoke seen from outside NEPT office

The smoke plume

Today, The Great Morass of Negril has caught fire again.  The fire is the result as of the drying out of the wetlands surrounding Negril as mentioned in previous posts.  The ground underneath the Morass is made up of peat.  Peat is nutrient rich soil that is made up of decayed plant life that takes 1000s of years to make.  The Peat surrounding Negril is over 5 meters deep.  When the peat is dry, it can actually catch fire and smolder for long periods of time. The ground surrounding Negril is literally on fire right now!  NEPT is communicating with local authorities to put out the fire. We will keep everyone updated about the current situation.

This fire is just one of the many reasons NEPT is working so diligently to re-wet The Great Morass.  If you are interested in helping the cause either through financial support or by volunteering, please contact the NEPT office at  or +876-957-3736.


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