Posted by: nept | April 23, 2010

A poem from Earth Day

Keeping the Clean At 40 and Beyond

My environment is my habitat
A place to live and that’s a fact,
Caring for it is my first duty.
Otherwise I may live to regret.
The bad treatment given to it
Ts counted truly a disagree

The soil is to be conserved, everyone knows
For fruits, foods and pretty roses.
A place for earth worms to stay cool
Green grasses to grow by the side of a pool
Animals munch on the grass low
They roam on the land to and fro

Do not cover me with harmful substances
I need to breathe freely in all substances,
Polluted water will make me sick
I’d rather be healthy and slick.

By:   Giselle Jackson

Age:  11yrs old

Sheffield All Age


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