Posted by: nept | April 28, 2010

Earth Day a Huge Huge Success

Last Thursday, NEPT helped the Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society (NCRPS) host the 2010 celebration for Earth Day at the Negril Community Center.  This year marked the 40th anniversary of  Earth Day and appropriately this year’s theme was “keeping the earth green at 40 and beyond.”

Over 315 students from 15 schools showed up to partake in the Earth Day Celebrations.  The schools participated in many different activities and contests.


  • Green Fashion (make an outfit using reused and recycled materials)
  • Green Ideas (a diorama depicting this year’s theme)
  • Poster Contest
  • Poetry Contest
  • Beach Clean Up

The students also took field trips on glass bottom boats to see the coral reefs around Negril.  Some students also visited the Royal Palm Reserve and the Negril Recycling Center.

All the students assembled for the opening of Earth Day

Students heading out on the glass bottom boats

The Green Fashion Show

Having Fun!!

The Green Idea Winner!!


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