Posted by: nept | July 8, 2010

We Welcome Ms. Elizabeth DiCocco to NEPT

We are happy to welcome Elizabeth DiCocco, a new Peace Corps Volunteer, to NEPT. Ms. DiCocco is from Broomall, Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia. She has been in Jamaica for two months so far and will continue to live here for the next two years. She received her Sc.B. with honors in Chemical Engineering from Brown University in 2008 and her Sc.M. in Energy/Environmental Engineering from Brown University in 2010. DiCocco is training to be the new Blue Flag National Coordinator when Ms. West leaves NEPT in September. She will also be working on increasing the energy efficiency and the environmental sustainability of the Marine Park building as a prototype for other small businesses in the Negril area. Ms. DiCocco is partnering with the Bluefields Peoples’ Community Association (BPCA) to improve water and sanitation in the Bluefields area. She will also be developing an environmental education series at local schools as a joint project between NEPT and NEET (Negril Environmental Education Trust). She is enjoying her first experience in Jamaica and is looking forward to continuing NEPT’s mission to achieve a better quality of life for present and future generations. Amongst all the savory Jamaican foods she has tried she especially likes callaloo!


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