Posted by: nept | October 27, 2010

Damage from Tropical Storm Nicole

During the last week of September, Jamaica was hit by Tropical Storm Nicole. There were severe winds for about 2 days and heavy rains for 5 to 6 days. We wanted to share some pictures of the damage done to the 7 Mile Beach in Negril. This is why we need to protect our reefs and wetlands – they help to lessen the damage caused by storms like this one.

As you can see, the whole beach is gone. The water used to be about 20 feet from where it is pictured here.

Damage at Traveller's Beach Resort. They have since had to tear down their entire porch due to water damage.

This is the pirate ship from Beaches Negril - it was totally sunk during Nicole. The staff is working on pulling it up in the most environmentally friendly way.

Much of the beach was lost in the storm - there used to be at least 15 feet of sand between this wall and the water


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