Posted by: nept | November 23, 2010

Continuing Efforts to Eradicate Lionfish

As an environmental organization, we normally wouldn’t promote any efforts to eradicate a specific species. But lionfish are dangerous and spreading profusely throughout the Atlantic – a few have even been found as north as Long Island, New York where a tropical fish like this one is not supposed to survive.

This article in the New York Times illustrates the importance of ridding our region of the lionfish, and details some efforts being made by fisherman in Florida to do so:

Florida Keys Declare Open Season on the Invasive Lionfish

Some interesting facts from the article:

– Each fish can produce 30,000 eggs in a single spawning event, and can spawn as frequently as every four days

– Researchers examined more than 1,000 lionfish stomachs and found more than 50 species of fish inside, including juveniles

– In the Florida area, the first fish wasn’t discovered until January 2009, when a single female was found and immediately removed by scientists from a reef in Key Largo. Despite this, the fish is now taking over the entire area.


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