Posted by: nept | February 4, 2011

World Wetlands Day Clean-Up and Mangrove Planting

This past Wednesday, February 2, NEPT celebrated World Wetlands Day – an annual celebration of our wetlands and what they do for us.

This year was the 40th Anniversary of the Ramsar Convention, which recognizes the importance of wetlands around their world and their role in the overall environmental health of the world. For more information on Ramsar and their work, please visit their website here.

NEPT decided to take a hands on approach to celebrating World Wetlands Day this year, and hosted a clean-up in the Negril area. Together with some students and community members, we cleaned up the Norman Manley Sea Park as well as the area across the street from Hammods. Afterwards, we assisted NEPA with a mangrove planting on the banks of the South Negril River. It was a great day and we are already looking forward to World Wetlands Day 2012!

Students from Rusea's High planting mangroves on the bank of the South Negril River


About half of the trash that was collected in downtown Negril, which was only one of our two sites!

Thanks to all of our sponsors:


Juicy J’s

Hi-Lo Negril



And of course, thank to our participants:

Couples Negril


Rusea’s High School

Little London High School


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