Posted by: nept | February 21, 2011

NEPA and NEPT Release an Endangered Yellow Boa

When many Jamaicans think of the Yellow Boa, their first reaction is to say how quickly they would kill one if they saw it. And there are good reasons to be scared of some snakes – some are undoubtedly dangerous. However, the Yellow Boa is not one of those! It is not poisonous and can not harm humans – even if it does bite you, nothing will happen. In fact, none of the snakes found in Jamaica are poisonous. They all constrictors, meaning they kill their pray by wrapping their body around the animal and suffocating it.

The Yellow Boa in particular is a very useful snake, especially for farmers. They eat rats, mice, birds and other animals that destroy many crops. And they won’t trouble you if you don’t trouble them!

The Jamaican Boa is also a protected species in Jamaica, and it is endangered. The Yellow Boa is endemic to Jamaica, meaning it’s found in Jamaica and no where else in the world! So if we aren’t careful about protecting this harmless snake, there will be none left in the world. So next time you see one, just let it go on it’s way and take care of the rodents you don’t want around anyway.

Or, if you want it off your property, you can do what one conscientious farmer did. He caught it and brought it to the NEPA office in Negril in a croucus bag!  The NEPA officer, with assistance from us at NEPT then took it and released it into a safe habitat, far from people and other predators. The snake slithered away under a rock straight away, so hopefully it likes it’s new home!


The Yellow Boa curled up in the crocus bag awaiting its release


The snake slithering away to it's new home underneath a warm rock.



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